Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More than 21million American have Diabetes

Let's Unite together to fight Diabetes. We can overcome


Actually Scientific America has a lot to say about diabetes. So much so that they just released a Scientific America Special Report: Managing Diabetes.

This Scientific America Special Report focuses on much more than just managing diabetes. They have gone into pretty good detail about every aspect of diabetes. The Scientific America Special Report: Managing Diabetes would be a perfect article for someone who needs a total overview of diabetes which includes the causes and the treatments.

Some of the more alarming facts in the Scientific America Special Report: Managing Diabetes are that in 2005 roughly 7 percent of the American Population had diabetes. That would be about 20.9 million people. Out of that 20.9 million people 6.2 million people were unaware that they even had diabetes.

Unaware? But doesn’t diabetes have telltale symptoms? Diabetes does have certain symptoms associated with it but they can be pretty vague and mistakenly attributed to other things. The most common symptoms of diabetes include:

Frequent Urination
Extreme Thirst and Hunger
Blurred Vision
You can see how any one of these common diabetes symptoms can be thought to be caused by some other factor.

American’s need to be educated on the disease of diabetes. Since diabetes is fast becoming an American epidemic people need to be aware of the risks and symptoms the same as they of heart disease and other major diseases seen in the United States.

The only way to do this is by upping diabetes awareness. It will take things like the Scientific America Special Report: Managing Diabetes to start this awareness.

2007 saw a lot of Diabetes Awareness efforts including November being American Diabetes Month. The entire month of November was dedicated to diabetes awareness.

In regards to Diabetes, awareness truly is the key to prevention…Knowledge Is Power!

Knowledge saves lives.

I can save yours too !

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