Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unite for diabetes- stop the death !

No Child Should Die of Diabetes !
(No Adults should die of Diabetes too !)
According IDF (International Diabetes Federation) statistics, every minute, an average of 7.23 persons die of Diabetes and many of them are children. With greater awareness of how to prevent the onslaught of Diabetes from affecting you and your love ones. Knowing what to do if you are suffering from it, can save your life and that of your loved ones.
Life has never been easy with diabetes, so much medicines to take. So many things to follow, the pain, the sufferings, yet there are side effects. Doctors tell us of the many dangers and for those whose condition are serious…………
….we are a living time bomb etc……. Is there hope if you are diabetic ? Yes, Yes, and Yes………
Diabetes can be overcome and reversed ! Yes it can. For Type II and Type I that are not genes related……………………
Read of the many lives that have been changed, testimonies from those who have managed to overcome and become living examples. How with a change of lifestyle, exercise and Dbethics you may gain back your life !
Read to find out more of what Dbethics from Springwell can do for you in this website and how many have overcome and on the way to recovery.
You may be on the same road too……………………………….
A journey of success is possible when you take the first step and is determine to do what it takes to overcome diabetes.
A healthier lifestyle and appropriate exercise can lead to a better life and help you manage your blood sugar level. Fight Diabetes and take back your life ! You may win the battle against Diabetes and its complications…….. Don’t wait, time may not be on your side.
Be determine to win and you can. Do consult your health professionals for advice.
Disclaimer : the results for each person differs according to his condition, lifestyle and other health factors. Always consult your health professionals for advice.
Post your comments and questions, we have our medical advisors to provide you with answers to your concerns.


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