Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How a housewife overcome Diabetes !

I am a housewife age 61. I fell on the tarmac (road) while approaching the immigration office. My left knee is wounded and it has been ‘weeping’ for 5 days with no recovery even with the medication I have taken. I am afraid that it will get worse from what it is now. My blood sugar level has been stagnated between 13.0 - 14.4 The doctor has recommended to go onto insulin injections. I was afraid. Since I have taken Dbethics for about 5 days now the wound on my knee has healed and new skin has formed. My blood sugar has reduced by 0.3 as of today. I am continuing the rest of the Dbethics once a day.

I have wonderful news to tell. On 21 Oct, my blood sugar level was 14.4 and today, 12 Nov, it is 7.9 for the first time! A 45% improvement in my glucose level within a month! My husband and I are very very happy and a big thank you for recommending Dbethics. Even my dizziness has reduced. Dbethics works. Please rush me two boxes of supply as I have 3 sachets left.

It’s more than a month on Dbethics. I am relieved that there’s no more dizziness after returning from the market and still able to continue about the daily routine or even after I squat. Nightly I would have my back scratched but now it is not irritable any more. I have also recommended my relatives and friends Dbethics because of the numerous benefits that I have experienced. - Madam Alice

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