Thursday, January 31, 2008

I don't care about my health any more !

Hi friends,

Heard of this from a friend who was a diabetic for 20 years. I bumped into a woman in a wheel chair in a lift and she look familiar. I realised that she was a long lost friend Shanta K.

We went for a drink and I asked her why she was on a wheelchair. She poured out her despair that she was a diabetic for 20years and has given up hope. Both her parents died of diabetics and her sister is in danger of losing her legs to it. Her legs were swollen due to water retention in view of her poor kidney condition. She has to take 120 units of insulin a day. Her blood sugar was 25 mmol and her doctors has been yelling at her to do something about it.

I recommended her to take Dbethics a plant based supplement to reduce blood sugar level. As she was couldn't hold on to her job due to her condition and survived on social security of US100-00 a month. She was given two boxes of Dbethics compliments from Springwell.

She was advised to take two sachets a day. After two weeks her blood sugar level dropped to 12 mmol. And two days later it dropped further to fasting 9 mmol.

Although she has not fully recovered, she has regained her confidence that there is hope after diabetes.

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